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Webbieworld Voting

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Don't panic... you may also be here because the link you clicked on referenced vote2.asp instead of vote.asp. Webbieworld uses internal checks to keep folks from padding the count and the external link must be to vote.asp to make it work correctly. Let the linker know to update their link.

Webbieworld People's Pick Rules

The rules for the Webbieworld People's Pick are simple. Each visitor may vote for one site each day.

- Sites are free to actively pursue votes from visitors of their site.
- Attempts to artificially alter voting can result in your site being removed from Webbieworld.

You are better off getting votes the honest way... making sure your visitors vote each day. The rewards are the satisfaction that you scored a Webbie Pick of the Week. You can even use our graphic to help recruit votes:

How Webbieworld Rankings Work

Sites are ranked at Webbieworld in two ways, by votes and by visits. If someone finds your site in a category listing or from the search, all they have to do is click on the "vote" link and they've just voted for your site.

The top voted sites of the week are highlighted in the People's Picks section of Webbieworld.

Also, sites are ranked on the category pages by the number of visitors that click on the sites from Webbieworld.

Thanks for participating!

Webbieworld SiteWars Beta

Which site is better? The Webbieworld community decides.

SiteWars? Submit your site and it's automatically entered in SiteWars.
The best sites work their way up to the top by winning battles against the other sites. The community vote decides it! You be the judge!

Today's Top SiteWars Winners